URENCO to supply EDF with new uranium enrichment services

URENCO and EDF have signed a new enrichment contract to serve EDF’s French reactor fleet.

The high value and long-term contract supports the recycling of nuclear fuel by enriching uranium recovered from fuel which has been previously used and reprocessed.

The technical complexities of enriching this material will involve expertise from across URENCO and upgrading our facilities.

Dominic Kieran, URENCO’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “URENCO is proud to be part of EDF’s endeavour to recycle spent nuclear fuel. It is a significant step in further proving the sustainability of nuclear energy and a testimony to URENCO’s technical capabilities.”

Dominique Minière, EDF’s Group Senior Executive Vice President, Nuclear and Thermal and Thomas Haeberle, URENCO’s Chief Executive Officer during the signing ceremony at the British Embassy in Paris.

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