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Material Areas

Urenco adopts the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, one of the leading sustainability reporting frameworks worldwide, having previously reported to the GRI G4 Guidelines.

The main focus of the GRI Standards is materiality, which means those topics which are most relevant to our stakeholders and have the biggest impact on our operations.

  • Asset integrity

    Asset integrity is a vital consideration in the design phase of all our enrichment facilities and is an area in which we continue to drive improvements through new systems and standards. In particular, Urenco has focused on enhancing collaboration and information sharing in asset management. Our Chief Operating Officer oversees this area.

  • Economic performance

    In order to be sustainable as an organisation, we have to deliver economic stability and commercial success. Our economic performance is therefore a key material aspect within the GRI framework. Each year, the organisation’s financial goals are set out in the company’s annual business planning process and our financial results are presented to employees at a roadshow led by our Chief Executive Officer or Chief Financial Officer. Our Board carries ultimate responsibility for the economic performance of the company.

    For more information on our economic performance, please see our Annual Report 2018.

  • Emissions

    The emissions generated by nuclear energy are inherently low, particularly in terms of CO2 emissions. According to the International Energy Agency’s forecast in its Sustainable Development Scenario, power generation by 2040 will be all but decarbonised, with nuclear power accounting for 15%.

    As part of our commitment to reduce our impact on the environment, we monitor aspects such as emissions, water usage and waste. These aspects are considered material by our stakeholders and will therefore remain the focus of our reporting activities in this area. We also work closely with regulators to ensure we fully comply with relevant legal obligations.

  • Noise monitoring

    We are committed to operating our facilities with minimum adverse operational impact on our local communities. Our reputation as a good corporate citizen depends upon our ability to manage and mitigate disturbances such as noise.

    If a local resident raises an issue or concern, one of our Shift Managers will attempt to resolve the issue swiftly and effectively. The incident will also be reported to Senior Management to ensure appropriate action is taken. All events are then recorded in a stakeholder log for which our Director of Corporate Communications, PR and Sustainability is ultimately accountable.

  • Political landscape

    In the countries where we operate, the political landscape greatly influences our industry. We regularly review potential changes in policy and consult with relevant national stakeholders to ensure our decisions are informed and reflect the interests of those who matter most to our business.

    The political landscape is overseen by our Executive Director, Strategic and Government Affairs. With representatives worldwide, we guide negotiations in key issues such as nuclear new build, Brexit and maintaining Urenco’s prominent voice and visibility in the industry.

  • Public education

    Urenco is committed to increasing public understanding of the nuclear industry and communicating the important role nuclear plays in supplying reliable and clean energy. We hope to maintain and enhance a positive shift in public opinion about nuclear energy and build long term support for our company, our mission and our industry.

    We support our industry peers in the provision of education and information for a wide variety of stakeholder audiences. Responsibility for this area of our work lies with our Director of Corporate Communications, PR and Sustainability.

    To help increase understanding of our business and industry, we are pleased to offer free visits to all our enrichment facilities, enabling visitors to see first hand what we do.

    Further details are available here.

  • Safety

    Safety is a priority and a core value for Urenco. It is overseen by our Chief Operating Officer as well as the Managing Director of Urenco UK in his capacity as Safety Sponsor. Health and safety meetings are held regularly throughout the year at each enrichment facility and our Health and Safety Working Group meets once a quarter to coordinate the delivery of key initiatives.

    In 2017, we conducted an organisation wide safety survey for the first time. The majority of employees and contractors believe Urenco has strong safety values and understand the link between high levels of safety and good business performance.

  • Science education

    One of our long standing sustainability commitments is the promotion of science education and nurturing the next generation of scientists and engineers through our Richie education programme. Since 2007, the programme has reached more than a quarter of a million students.

    See our Richie education programme page for more information.

  • Transport

    The success of our business depends upon the safe and reliable transportation of nuclear materials. Our ability to deliver products to customers from our four enrichment facilities is vital to our 100% customer delivery record.

    We are rigorous in our efforts to ensure total transport reliability and over the years we have developed robust relationships with third party logistics suppliers. From all of our facilities we deliver products via intermodal transportation, utilising road and sea. Responsibility for the transportation of our uranic materials lies with our Chief Commercial Officer and supply chain partners.


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