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Visit a URENCO enrichment facility

To increase understanding of our business, URENCO is pleased to offer visits to our enrichment facilities which enable people to experience first hand what we do and how we do it, the benefits of nuclear energy and our role in uranium enrichment.

If you would like to visit an enrichment facility located close to you, please contact the site via the address below or for more details, visit our contact us page.

URENCO Nederland

URENCO Nederland is proud to welcome visitors and offers guided tours at the facility in Almelo. A visit starts in the facility’s visitor centre before continuing to the enrichment plant and takes around two hours.

The site can accommodate a minimum group size of 10 and a maximum of 32. If you’re alone or in a smaller group, please still contact the site to see if you can be accommodated with another group.

The visits take place from Monday to Friday at 09:30 or 14:30.

As is the case across all URENCO facilities, there is no cost involved in visiting URENCO Nederland.

Contact Us:

URENCO Deutschland

The Information Centre at URENCO Deutschland is located outside of the site and is convenient for visitors. Approximately 3,000 visitors each year visit the Information Centre and a detailed presentation and a site tour with an experienced guide is available. Guests can also visit the URENCO Deutschland library which was opened in 2014. Books are available to browse or borrow and visitors can read more about the history of URENCO and its operations alongside information about the nuclear fuel cycle.

The Information Centre is open from Monday-Friday, 9:00 – 17:00, and if you wish to arrange a visit, please call +49-2562-711-149 or email


URENCO UK is based in Capenhurst, UK and for more details and to request a visit, please contact:


URENCO USA is proud to offer tours of the facility located near Eunice, NM. To tour the facility, please complete the Tour Request Form that can be downloaded by clicking here. Fully answer all questions on the form and when you are ready to submit the form, click on the button "submit via email."

To submit the form you will need to open with Adobe Reader. Please note that most browsers will automatically open the form in Adobe Reader, if it is already installed on your computer.

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