Located in southeastern New Mexico, the URENCO USA facility began operations on June 11, 2010. URENCO USA is the first enrichment facility to be built in the United States in 30 years and the first ever using centrifuge enrichment technology.

URENCO USA’s current capacity is 4,800 tSW/a and it provides one third of the US demand for enrichment service. 


2003: License application to build in New Mexico 

June 2006: Construct and operate license issued by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

August 2006: Ground-breaking

July 2007: First concrete placement - Central Utilities Building

October 2008: Access to the Centrifuge Assembly Building

September 2009: First centrifuge installed

December 2009 – May 2010: NRC operation readiness review

June 2010: NRC authorised URENCO USA to operate 

June 2010: Full enrichment production in the first cascade

March 2012: First delivery from URENCO USA to customer

August 2012: First Project Phase II Enrichment production

December 2012: Phase III approval

June 2013: 37 Cascades in production

April 2014: 47 Cascades in production

February 2015: URENCO USA Campus Commons Building completed

June 2016: 58 Cascades in production

March 2017: 63 Cascades in production 

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