What We Do

The work at URENCO Nuclear Stewardship focuses on four core areas of activity:

Tails management services

Ensuring the long-term safety of the UK's nuclear legacy is a core part of our business at URENCO Nuclear Stewardship.

Our workforce provides expertise in tails management services, which involves managing legacy cylinders containing uranic materials and safely transferring those materials into new cylinders.

Depleted uranium is deconverted into an oxide powder, reducing the space required for storage, and helping us reduce costs and minimise the already low risks.

Case Study: Legacy Containment Facility

URENCO Nuclear Stewardship is currently undertaking a project to design and construct a new Legacy Cylinder Facility (LCF). Significant funds will be invested into the project over 35 years.

The LCF will be designed to carry out the transfer of nuclear materials from their current 'legacy cylinders' into suitable, up-to-date vessels. Nuclear materials will be filtered to remove impurities and the 'legacy cylinders' will be fully cleaned and readied for disposal.

Materials management

A core area of our work is the long-term management of uranic materials.

We have in-house expertise of designing purpose built facilities and developing bespoke management solutions ranging from the treatment of materials to long-term construction projects.

We have the capability and expertise to take a project from concept to operational commissioning, providing excellent value for money.


Our workforce has the expert technical and operational capabilities to deliver decommissioning and repurposing of redundant facilities and rationalisation of service infrastructure.

We develop innovative solutions that maximise the waste hierarchy and therefore support the nuclear industry's mission to be environmentally responsible.

Case Study: Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)

In 2012, URENCO Nuclear Stewardship signed a long-term contract with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) to provide responsible management of uranic materials and carry out remediation work on its behalf. Under this contract, URENCO Nuclear Stewardship manages 95% of the NDA's uranic inventory. We also provide a broader decommissioning and remediation works package for redundant facilities, ensuring the most efficient use of space.


The URENCO Nuclear Stewardship workforce provides expert interim management solutions for nuclear by-products prior to re-use or transfer for final disposal.

Re-use of nuclear materials is an important service to the nuclear industry. Expertise and knowledge from across the URENCO Nuclear Stewardship workforce make an important contribution to the delivery of a complete nuclear life-cycle.

URENCO Nuclear Stewardship waste management hierarchy

Reduce > Reuse > Recycle

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