MOD Submarine Dismantling Project

Following a thorough site selection process conducted by the Ministry of Defence (MOD), URENCO Nuclear Stewardship has been selected as the MOD’s preferred site for a new interim storage project.

The project will involve managing the interim storage of steel Reactor Pressure Vessels (RPVs), which will be removed at Devonport and Rosyth from 27 defuelled nuclear submarines after they have left the Royal Navy’s service.

Being selected by the MOD for this important work reflects URENCO Nuclear Stewardship’s proven capability in the responsible management of the UK’s nuclear legacy and complements work already carried out at the Capenhurst site.

URENCO Nuclear Stewardship  will now work with the MOD to agree the final detail for an interim storage and management solution. The preferred option is for an existing URENCO Nuclear Stewardship facility to be used for the interim storage of the RPVs at Capenhurst. Transportation of the RPVs to the site will start in the early 2020s and is likely to consist of one delivery each year.

Should you have any questions or would like to discuss this in more detail, please email or write to us at URENCO Nuclear Stewardship Stakeholder and Customer Relations, B101, Capenhurst Nuclear Services, Capenhurst, Chester, CH1 6ER.

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