URENCO Enrichment Company

The URENCO Enrichment Company (UEC) is responsible for operating centrifuge enrichment plants and marketing the enriched uranium to nuclear utilities worldwide. UEC's Commercial department (responsible for marketing & sales and supply & logistics) is located at Head Office, based in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire, UK.

UEC's focus is on providing safe, cost-effective and reliable uranium enrichment services for civil power generation within a framework of environmental, social and corporate responsibility. 

UEC continues to operate our technology in uranium enrichment. The use of this centrifuge technology enables UEC to uphold its commitment to support its customers by providing a secure, sustainable supply of enriched uranium. This, together with the flexibility provided by the ability to optimise production across three European operations: URENCO UK Limited, URENCO Deutschland Limited and URENCO Nederland Limited, allows UEC to offer a level of continuity and service unrivalled in the market.

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