URENCO Deutschland

URENCO Deutschland GmbH (UD), located in Gronau, is the site of URENCO’s uranium enrichment plant in Germany. It is located close to the Dutch/German border in North-Rhine-Westphalia, some 40km from URENCO's Dutch enrichment plant. Here uranium is enriched in centrifuge cascades to the U235 assays required by nuclear power plants. As is the case across all URENCO facilities, Gronau mitigates any environmental impacts through continual improvements.


The first enrichment plant at URENCO’s German facility began operation in August 1985. By the beginning of 1998 the plant reached its original design capacity of 1,000 tonnes separative work per annum (tSW p.a.). In February 2005, a license for a second enrichment plant was granted, leading to a total capacity of 4,000 tSW/a at 31 December 2017.

As a key employer in the area, URENCO employs 280 people and provides the community with long-term, stable employment in a technical environment, as well as providing opportunities for young people to pursue engineering and scientific careers.

A variety of local sport teams, schools and initiatives in the local community are supported in both a practical and financial manner. URENCO Deutschland has been awarded several prizes, in recent years, including the ‘Top Job’ award for which URENCO Deutschland was nominated by other companies, institutions and clubs, and the BestPersAward 2011 for outstanding Human Resources activity. In 2015, URENCO Deutschland was awarded as “Excellent Employer” by TÜVRheinland. Also in 2015, URENCO Deutschland received a certificate underlining the increased and continuous efforts in the field relating to a Work-Life Balance (Audit berufundfamilie) by the State Secretary in Berlin.