URENCO’s Customers

URENCO is one of the four major uranium enrichment suppliers worldwide, and is a truly global supplier with contracts with more than 50 utilities in 19 countries and substantial business in the three main geographical markets - Europe, North America and East Asia.

URENCO is an example of an international success story. Developing from its origins as independent British, Dutch and German businesses in the 1970s, the company and its shareholders had the ambition, flexibility and drive to utilise the strengths of the three partner countries to create what has become a very successful technology Group. URENCO is now a global energy provider and industry leader in uranium enrichment and technology services.

URENCO benefits from an unlimited geographical reach. The Company currently supplies an international customer base, with contracts across the globe. With sites in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, and the US (which commenced operations in Spring 2010), plus a marketing office in the US, URENCO is undeniably an international operation.

URENCO's capacity at the end of 2017 was 18,800 tonnes of separative work per annum (tSW/a).

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