Business Activity

URENCO operates plants in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the US, using URENCO's centrifuge technology to enrich uranium for the use as a nuclear fuel for civil power generation. URENCO's focus is on providing safe, cost effective and reliable uranium enrichment services within a framework of environmental, social and corporate responsibility.
URENCO's capacity reached 18,800 tonnes of separative work per annum (tSW/a) at the end of December 2017.  
URENCO maintains a strong customer-focus and highly values its long-term business relationships with its customers. These will be conducted with integrity, one of the Group's core Values, with a company-wide commitment to quality and service. Wherever possible, URENCO will be responsive and adaptable to meet its customers' needs.
Good, reliable working relationships with customers, together with a close cooperation are beneficial to both parties. URENCO has the confidence of its customers and as such has built a Group forward order portfolio beyond 2025 which reflects our global customer base. Our customers' appreciation of URENCO as a reliable, long-term supplier has supported the considerable planned expansion across the three European plants and the establishment of the URENCO USA facility in the US.
URENCO also utilises its centrifuge technology for medical and industrial purposes through its wholly owned research unit Stable Isotopes.

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