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Material Areas

Urenco adopts the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, one of the leading sustainability reporting frameworks worldwide, having previously reported to the GRI G4 Guidelines.

The main focus of the GRI Standards is materiality, which means those topics which are most relevant to our stakeholders and have the biggest impact on our operations.

  • Diversity and inclusion

    We remain committed to creating a diverse workforce and attracting a broad range of talent into the business. Through a range of programmes, initiatives and training, for example our Women’s Network, we encourage diversity and inclusion.

    In 2017, to enhance our efforts in this area, we nominated an Executive Sponsor for diversity and inclusion. We also demonstrated our commitment in this area by publishing a diversity and inclusion statement, which can be viewed here.

  • Employee engagement

    We closely monitor employee satisfaction through a biennial organisation wide employee survey and we proactively respond to the survey findings. In 2018, our Employee Pulse Survey showed a 7.4% increase in our ‘engaged and committed’ score.

    Responsibility for this area of our work lies with our Chief Human Resources Officer.

  • Energy savings and natural resources

    In the area of energy efficiency and optimisation, we have an organisation wide Energy Savings Group (ESG) that drives action, accountability and engagement. The ESG convenes meetings to share learnings and propose initiatives to minimise energy usage.

    In 2017, we improved specific water and electricity usage to deliver the best performance in these areas since Urenco started benchmarking in 2014.

  • Innovation technology and research and development

    One of the key pillars of our strategy is to leverage our technological capabilities to serve the nuclear industry more broadly.

    Our Executive Management continually assesses market developments and consults with customers and other stakeholders in order to align our research and development programmes with current need and future opportunities.

    Our stable isotopes business is a key example of our work in this area. Based at our Dutch facility, Urenco Stable Isotopes draws on our expertise and capabilities in centrifuge technology to produce stable isotopes for medical, industrial and research applications. New applications continue to be developed and we are expanding our product portfolio to meet this increased demand. 

    Find out more about Urenco Stable Isotopes here.

  • Investment in local areas

    Urenco has a long history of investment in and support for local sustainable initiatives in the areas where we operate. This support has taken the form of both practical and financial support, which includes a programme of employee volunteering to support local residents, schools and charities.

    Our work in this area supports our aim to be considered a valuable member of the local community and is overseen by our Director of Corporate Communications, PR and Sustainability.

  • Opportunities in new markets

    We are committed to identifying opportunities in new markets as part of our efforts to ensure the future success and sustainability of Urenco. We want to remain a secure, long term partner to our customers and we closely monitor technological and geographical areas of future growth potential, including Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

  • Regulatory requirements

    The security of our sites and operations is paramount in order to protect our physical assets, personnel, IT systems and infrastructure. Such measures include rigorous screening processes and stringent onsite security precautions, as well as controls to address information security requirements in both IT and operational technology. We comply with all relevant industry and regulatory standards and maintain a number of security certifications for people, processes and technology.

  • Waste

    Waste is a material area for our business due to construction and regular maintenance works taking place at our facilities. This leads to the production of non-hazardous/hazardous waste, a high proportion of which is recycled or reused.

    Waste is monitored as part of our non-financial KPIs and is reported regularly to our Sustainability Committee, ensuring we minimise our environmental impact and comply fully with environmental legislation.

    To ensure we accurately monitor waste levels, we report conventional waste (hazardous and non-hazardous), as per the GRI Standards. We also report low radioactive material requiring offsite disposal, which is not covered by the GRI Standards.

    We remain committed to responsible uranium stewardship and we have subsidiaries dedicated to overseeing our work in this field. These include Urenco ChemPlants, which will operate our deconversion Tails Management Facility and Urenco Nuclear Stewardship, which is responsible for the management of uranic materials, decommissioning and recycling.

    For more information on our commitment to responsible uranium stewardship, please visit the Urenco ChemPlants and Urenco Nuclear Stewardship pages.

  • Workforce skills gap

    We want to ensure we have the capabilities to sustain our business over the long term and address any skills gaps that could potentially exist in the future. In this respect, we run apprenticeship schemes, graduate programmes, performance management and training.

    Throughout the year, we hold a number of events to engage students, apprentices and graduates. These included site tours at all of our enrichment facilities and lectures at local universities.


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