Managing Sustainability

We take a rigorous approach to managing sustainability at URENCO, ensuring robust governance in order to meet our legal obligations and fulfil the high levels of social and environmental performance we expect of ourselves.

Supporting our sustainability endeavours

The overall responsibility for sustainability lies with our Director of Corporate Communications, PR and Sustainability. In 2015 we established a Sustainability Programme Team which oversees the delivery of all sustainability initiatives at URENCO. The team meets regularly to ensure sustainability is being well managed across the Group. In 2015, we also developed our Sustainability Champions, who, under the guidance of the Sustainability Sponsors of each focus area, helped us set sustainability key performance indicators (KPIs) for the first time. The collection, interrogation and sharing of sustainability data enables us to track our progress against our KPIs, deliver improvements each year and set additional targets for the future.

Accountability and rigour

We have made significant progress in recent years in the way we manage sustainability at URENCO. Each quarter, sustainability data is collected and interrogated and shared with our executive management team. The Managing Directors of each enrichment facility are accountable for the sustainability performance of their sites, with additional accountability assigned to a focus area Sponsor. Each Sponsor is responsible for defining the policy which guides our business activities within their specific sustainability focus area, as part of our wider sustainability strategy.

The Sustainability Committee

To augment and support our management of sustainability, in 2013 the URENCO Board established a specific Board Committee, the Sustainability Committee, consisting of members from each of the three shareholders. The Committee’s meetings, which take place three times a year at one of our enrichment facilities, are attended by members of the Board and senior management from across the Group. This approach ensures that sustainability is incorporated into all operational and strategic decision making and embedded across the organisation, with Board level involvement demonstrating the depth of our commitment.

Working with our regulators

In each of the countries where we operate, we work closely with our regulators and report to them on an ongoing basis. In each jurisdiction, government authorities regulate and approve the design and operating principles of our facilities to ensure safety and security. They also monitor and inspect them to check compliance with all relevant legislation.

Informing and involving employees

In order to provide regular updates on developments within the Group, URENCO’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Managing Directors of all enrichment facilities communicate regularly with our employees. In addition, the CEO is invited to an annual forum of employee-nominated representatives from across the Group who are brought together to discuss business matters. Any issues raised are accounted for in our stakeholder dialogue.


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