Key Performance Indicators

Below is a list of our 2017 non-financial KPIs.


Physical Workshops: 10,000 reach 9,675 Science Education(through Richie educational programme) Digital Downloads: 40,000 reach 48,307 Community engagement Employee engagement % Employees who are ‘Engaged and/or Committed >80% 78% Missed deliveries 0 0 Customer complaints 0 1 Supplier of choice Environmental impact Improvement vs best performing year since 2014 benchmark -0.5% Improvement vs best performing year since 2014 benchmark -4% % Recycled conventional material Year on year comparison +28% Specific electricity consumption* Specific water consumption* Health & Safety, Safeguards and Security Lost Time Injury Rate <0.19 stretch target: <0.12 0.11 Focus area Description Target 2017 Performance On target In line with target Over target * Only enrichment facilities; other contributions negligible



Performance Data

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