Emergency excercise - ALERT 2016

 During 7 – 9 November, URENCO Netherlands participated in an emergency exercise to rehearse the procedures required in and around Almelo, in the unlikely event of an incident requiring a multi-agency  response and disaster recovery.

 The team from URENCO provided support and expertise, collaborating with teams from the Safety region of Twente, the City of Almelo, the National Police, the Agency of Correctional Institutions, ETC Netherlands, Vitens  Waterworks and the Department of Defense. 

 The security focused exercise ‘# Alert2016’ is unique to the region, incorporating the expertise of many organisations and for the first time cross-border cooperation from the participation of a German military chemical  decontamination unit.

 The exercise which involved 400 people with 150 people employed in role-play incorporated a number of extreme scenarios representative of the world we live in today, the necessary crisis management and appropriate  disaster relief. 

URENCO was pleased to be involved in the exercise which provided a great opportunity for close collaboration and learning.  It resulted in an increased confidence in our region’s policies, processes and ability to deal with a wide variety of emergency situations.

Twente Safety and Security (TS&S)  is a regional consortium of municipalities, the Twente safety region (with police and fire brigade), several companies, the Applied University of Technology Saxion, and the University of Twente. Twente Safety and Security aims to create innovations that contribute to safety and security; both at regional and national level.

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