Board of Directors

Stephen bw-2

Stephen Billingham

Chairman of the Board

Thomas 2.jpg

Thomas Haeberle

Chief Executive Officer

Lr-ralf ter haar 052

Ralf ter Haar

Chief Finance Officer

Dr frank weigand

Frank Weigand

Deputy Chair and Chair, Audit Committee


Miriam Maes

Chair, Sustainability Committee


Mel Kroon

Chair, Remuneration and Appointments Committee


Richard Nourse

Non-Executive Director


Alan Bevan

Non-Executive Director


Justin Manson

Non-Executive Director

Operation of the Board
The Board manages overall control of the Group’s affairs and is responsible to the Shareholders for company policies and strategic direction. It meets on a regular basis to consider matters specifically reserved for its decision. These include the approval of the strategic business plan, budget and financial statements, major capital projects, acquisitions and disposals, major regulatory issues and major policies in respect of environmental, health and safety issues. During 2017, the Board met five times.

The Board and its Committees are provided with full and timely information well in advance of meetings. The agenda is set by the Chairman in consultation with the Executive Directors and Company Secretary. Formal minutes recording discussions and decisions of all Board and Committee meetings are prepared and circulated to the respective Board and Committee members.

The Board recognises the need for a reasonable balance between Executive and Non-executive Directors in providing judgement and advice in the process of decision-making. In addition to fulfilling their legal responsibilities as Directors, Non-executive Directors are valued by the Company for the judgment and experience they provide to the Board through their contribution at Board and Committee meetings and beyond.

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