Corporate Citizenship


URENCO USA strives to be the employer of choice and an exemplary community partner and is proud of its employees’ commitment to making the local area a better place to live and work; this is accomplished through many volunteer activities such as United Way, Relay for Life and Community Service Projects.

We want to be recognized as a good corporate citizen by all of the communities in which we operate and have developed a strategy for corporate responsibility to help us make progress against our goals. 

Our corporate responsibility strategy covers the main elements of: managing health and safety performance to minimize our environmental impact; maintaining our position as an employer of choice; and supporting education and cultural projects.Everywhere we can scrutinize, refine and improve safety, we are committed to doing so. We recognize that every one of our employees makes a critical contribution to safety so we regularly consult with them for input into improving or maintaining our safety position. 

We continually maintain and improve the quality and effectiveness of our health, safety and environmental management systems. Before we introduce any new activity, product or service we ensure it has undergone a rigorous assessment of its health, safety and environmental impact. 

We are committed to improving the sustainable nature of our business operations. We continually monitor and mitigate the impact that our business has on the outside world from economic, social and environmental standpoints.

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