Community Relations

At URENCO USA, we cherish the good relations we have built with our local communities. Our aim is to be seen as a valued asset within the community – we understand that setting high standards of conduct and performance, and then achieving those standards, will convey to our neighbors the level of importance we place in this relationship. 

To support our local communities and wider regional initiatives, we maintain a comprehensive sponsorship and donations portfolio. The four pillars of our policy are: education, environment, healthy living and culture. We support local and regional projects through both practical and financial support. Beyond financial commitments, the URENCO USA encourages all employees to positively contribute to their own communities.

URENCO invests in a diverse number of community programs covering activities ranging from direct sponsorships and charitable donations to allowing employees time away from normal duties to support local educational activities.

Each year URENCO USA employees and contractors gather to reach out to our hometown of Eunice, New Mexico. We repair, remodel, update and fix the homes of disadvantaged neighbours.

URENCO USA employees on the Annual 9/11 Day of Service

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