Annual Richie Lecture

On 6 December, URENCO hosted its third consecutive annual Richie lecture at the Science Museum, London inside the showspace of its new interactive gallery Wonderlab:The Statoil Gallery.

URENCO, who are a Major Sponsor of the gallery, have focused their support in two key areas; the Forces zone, and the showspace which is inspired by the Royal Institution’s world-renowned Faraday Theatre. This fantastic venue welcomed over 120 school students to take part in the Richie lecture activities, hosted by science enthusiast and TV presenter Dallas Campbell, best known for his BBC Documentaries, The Gadget Show and Bang Goes the Theory.

The lecture ‘Dallas in Wonderlab’ was designed to engage and enthuse young people about Science, Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects, linking in to real life examples of how they have helped change the world.

Dallas’ expansive career enabled him to share images and video clips of his trips across the planet, including flying the Wright Brothers first glider, climbing the London Array wind turbine and even Mexican Sewer diving. These adventures span over a decade telling the story of how we’re engineering our planet to inspire this next generation of STEM leaders.

Watch the video below.


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