Richie Lecture 2014 – Powering Our Future Planet

In December 2014, over 150 school students from across London attended URENCO’s inaugural Richie lecture at the Royal Society in London, the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence.

Entitled ‘Powering Our Future Planet’, the lecture focused on a broad range of energy topics such as home energy usage and consumer habits. It also explored the current and future energy demands of the world population set in the context of past trends. Students were encouraged to identify possible future energy sources and to consider how technological advances could impact the energy sector.

The event comprised of a keynote lecture by Sir David King, the Government’s Special Representative for Climate Change, as well as a number of group activities and competitions.

URENCO held the event in collaboration with the British Science Association (BSA), one of the UK’s leading science organisations. URENCO has worked with the BSA since 2013 and this event follows the successful launch earlier this year of a set of classroom materials for primary school audiences as part of the nationwide CREST Star programme.

The Richie lecture proved to be a great success and will be held once again in the latter part of 2015. 

Take a look at the video which shows the highlights from the Richie Lecture 2014.