Powerful Facts

URENCO plays a key part in the nuclear industry by supplying the enrichment services our customers need to generate low-carbon nuclear power that is an important part of the world energy mix. 

We’ve been enriching uranium, using world leading centrifuge technology, for more than 40 years and in that time the adoption of nuclear power has spread globally and next generation nuclear power stations have been built. Nuclear power continues to be key to the world’s energy mix, yet the facts around it still remain a mystery for many. 

URENCO actively participates in the research and discussion that surrounds the nuclear industry and we’re proud of the role we play in civil power generation. We remain committed to playing our part in the provision of this essential source of low-carbon energy and looking to the years ahead, we are confident that the need for nuclear energy will continue to grow to meet an ever increasing energy demand in an affordable, reliable way. 

We have developed our Powerful Facts campaign to show how nuclear power is a low-carbon source of electricity and a reliable, cost-effective source of energy.

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1. Efficiency and Resource (19th Aug 2014)

Many different comparisons are made between nuclear and other fuels. Our first Powerful Fact points out the efficiency of a tiny amount of uranium needed to produce as much energy as the equivalent of one tonne of coal. Given the vast resource of uranium that’s available worldwide, it’s a sustainable resource which can be relied upon for generations to come.

2. Constant and Reliable Energy (19th Aug 2014)

London and New York – two of the world’s greatest cities – consume a huge amount of energy. This Powerful Fact profiles how nuclear can be trusted as a constant and efficient source of energy for cities because the enriched uranium already exists today to supply millions of people for many years to come.

3. Low CO2 Emissions (19th Aug 2014)

Cutting CO2 emissions is imperative for every nation as we seek to protect the planet for future generations. In our third Powerful Fact, we profile just how little CO2 is emitted in the production of nuclear energy. With nuclear energy as part of the energy mix, CO2 emissions can be kept at a responsible level.

4. Energy Independence (19th Aug 2014)

Across the world more and more lifestyles have come to depend upon high volumes of energy and governments are rightly concerned about meeting these energy needs from a secure and dependable source. In our fourth Powerful Fact we demonstrate how energy independence can be gained with nuclear as it’s both abundant and low cost.

5. Committed to Our Customers (19th Aug 2014)

URENCO is not only committed to the production of clean, reliable and sustainable energy, but also to service excellence for its valued customers worldwide. With its industry-leading centrifuge technology and dedicated workforce, URENCO is able to respond and adapt to the changing requirements of its customers and the wider industry. Our fifth Powerful Fact highlights our strong global reputation, and our continued focus on excellence in customer service.

6. A Powerful Perspective (19th Aug 2014)

The racing car is often seen as a symbol of engineering excellence. At URENCO, we view our centrifuges in the same way. Our experience, spanning more than 40 years, has resulted in a reputation as a leader in the global enrichment market. The sixth Powerful Fact was suggested by a URENCO employee, demonstrating our workforce’s enthusiasm and pride in both our business and the nuclear industry.

7. Medical Innovations (19th Aug 2014)

Complementing our core focus on enriching uranium for nuclear energy, our Stable Isotopes business based in the Netherlands, uses our centrifuge technology to produce a variety of other products. In particular, we focus on two specific areas of the medical market – diagnostics and therapy.

Using isotopes generated by URENCO, images can be obtained via a gamma camera or a PET scan in nuclear diagnostics. Gamma cameras can accurately detect disease progression and staging in vital organs.

Looking ahead, we are working on a number of new products with our customers, including two important new medical diagnostic products.