Enabling our Every Day Campaign

In 2013, URENCO launched its successful Powerful Facts campaign illustrating the best features of nuclear power as a low carbon source of electricity and a reliable, cost effective source of energy in a world where demand is rising.

Using leading centrifuge technology, URENCO supplies its customers with the enriched uranium they require to generate low carbon nuclear power. In 2014, URENCO launched its second campaign, Enabling our Every Day, which explores the aspects of everyday life which are made possible by nuclear technology and shows how it is the backbone of many products we take for granted from those in the home through to medical treatments. We all benefit from nuclear technology every day.

Healthy eating every day (19th Aug 2014)

To complete the Enabling our Every Day suite, URENCO launched a competition for Group employees to enter and share how nuclear technology benefits their every day.

Once the entries had been received, a shortlist was posted onto the intranet and employees could vote for the entry they wanted to become the sixth, and final, advertisement in the campaign. The winning entry focuses on food irradiation, one purpose of nuclear technology that benefits us all every day.

Food irradiation is a method of treating food to make it safer to eat and also keeps it fresh for longer. Currently, three different irradiation technologies exist using three different kinds of rays: gamma rays, electron beams, and x-rays. Unlike chemical treatments, irradiation leaves no residue and kills bacteria throughout the food, not just on the surface.

Safe homes every day (19th Aug 2014)

Until they beep, we often take the smoke alarms in our homes for granted, forgetting they are keeping us safe. Many household smoke alarms contain a small amount of radioactive material which can detect smoke particles and trigger the alarm. They are the ultimate safety device and emit minimal radiation, much less than from many other consumer products, including colour television sets.

Space travel far and away (19th Aug 2014)

Over the last fifty years, nuclear technology has been used to power much of our space activity, including satellites.

Radioisotope Power Systems provide electrical power for space missions supporting travel to some of the most hostile environments in the solar system (source: NASA).

Looking ahead, RPS will continue to provide a long term source of electrical power enabling future space exploration including journeys to Jupiter's ocean moon and to the moons orbiting other planets.

Early diagnosis every day (19th Aug 2014)

Nuclear technology improves the health of millions of people every day as it enables a variety of medical applications, from identifying conditions such as heart disease and a broad range of cancers, through to the sterilisation of bandages.

Using URENCO’s leading centrifuge technology, URENCO’s Stable Isotopes business, based in the Netherlands, produces a variety of products including medical radioisotopes. You can read more about medical uses of Stable Isotopes here.

Stable Isotopes focuses on two specific areas of the medical market – diagnostics and therapy. Each year, more than one million patient treatments are performed using radioactive sources from Stable Isotopes enriched materials.

Clean energy every day (19th Aug 2014)

We look first at how nuclear technology enables clean energy.

Global energy needs are ever increasing and Governments across the globe have committed to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases as they seek to protect the planet for future generations. As such, many are turning to sustainable energy solutions and nuclear energy which, as an inherently low carbon power source, is considered to be an integral part of the solution to reduce the world’s CO2 emissions and combat climate change.

Nuclear energy continues to play a vital role in meeting the world’s growing energy needs. Between 2010 and 2040, nuclear power generation is forecasted to double whilst world energy consumption is expected to increase by 56% (Source: US Energy Information Administration).

Clear vision every day (19th Aug 2014)

If you’re a contact lens wearer, you’ll know that cleansing your lenses with a solution is an important part of your daily routine. To maintain high standards of hygiene, contact lens solutions are sterilised with radiation to remove irritants and allergens.

As well as contact lens solutions, radiation is also used to sterilise beauty products including mascara and false eyelashes, which are used by millions every day around the world.

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