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Operator I

Monitor, control and operate uranium enrichment equipment and other production-related equipment at URENCO USA to produce enriched uranium while protecting the health and safety of the public and plant employees and preventing damage to plant equipment and structures. Below are the responsibilities in general form for an overall Operator summary of responsibilities.

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Project Manager III, or Senior

Leads and manages complex and new capital Plant projects associated with high visibility and URENCO global initiatives. Plans, executes, controls, and facilitates the turnover of projects to Operations consisting of design,- procurement, and installation in support of continued facility operation. Project activities range in total value from several tens of thousands up to several million dollars. Implements assigned projects through a matrix reporting relationship with affected organizations to include, but not limited to Operations, Plant Engineering, Maintenance, Operations Support, and Procurement.

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Senior Buyer

Support the Global and Site Procurement Organizations in the development of a Professional Procurement Function and the execution of local and global strategies.  Work with relevant customers/stakeholders and Procurement Management in the development and execution of the customer aligned and integrated category plan(s).

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Radiation Protection Supervisor

Overall responsibility for the development and management of the Radiation Protection Department including personnel, procedures, and all activities related to the radiation protection program.  The Radiation Protection Supervisor will directly supervise technical personnel and implement approved radiation protection procedures/programs at URENCO USA (UUSA). Independently leads radiation protection related assignments and tasks in support of facility design, construction, operation, and programs and projects and supports the establishment of the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) program in compliance with all appropriate safeguards, regulations and guidelines.  Coordinates and performs activities within the Radiation Protection Department.  Utilizes supervisory and technical skills to lead and perform owner acceptance reviews of projects including representing the company in radiation protection related matters.

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Container Handler I, II, III

Responsible for operations associated with receipt, storage, staging for production, onsite movement and shipment of new, clean, and uranic-containing cylinders. 


  • Obtain a general understanding of the URENCO USA process system and safety systems. 
  • Safely operate container handling equipment and associated utility systems and equipment.
  • Perform cylinder handling activities, including loading, unloading, crane and vehicle movements.
  • Conduct inspections, testing, weighing, radiation monitoring, and surface contamination checks.
  • Perform entries in SAP (computer-based program) associated with container handler activities.
  • Exercise good judgment, decision making, and skills to ensure safe handling of containers and associated equipment and systems including troubleshooting components or systems during off-normal operating conditions.
  • Maintain training currency in accordance with regulations, codes and license requirements.
  • Perform technician and handling duties consistent with Hazardous Waste Operator (HAZWOPER) per 29CFR1910.120(q).
  • Maintain timely, complete and accurate, and strictly factual operational records.
  • Prepare timely and accurate problem reports for equipment problems and human errors.
  • Perform emergency plan duties and responsibilities and participate in training exercises and drills.

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