URENCO Limited

URENCO Limited (ULtd) is a UK-registered company based with its Head Office located in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire.

Board composition and independence

The Board comprises the Chairman, six Non-executive Directors and two Executive Directors. The two Non-executive Directors are appointed by each of the Company’s three Shareholders. An additional Non-executive Director is elected onto the Board by unanimous resolution of the Shareholders and elected into his position as Chairman of the Board. The two Executive Directors are elected into position by the Board.

Registered office
URENCO Limited
Sefton Park
Bells Hill
Stoke Poges
Registered No. 1022786 

Shareholding structure
URENCO’s shares are ultimately held one-third by the UK government (through Enrichment Investments Limited) one-third by the Dutch government (through Ultra-Centrifuge Nederland Limited) and one-third by German utilities (through Uranit UK Limited*).

* Shares in its German holding company are held 50% by Preussen Elektra GmbH and 50% by RWE Power AG

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